Employmate Limited modern slavery and human trafficking Statement 2024

Employmate Limited is committed to ensuring that our operations and supply chains are free from any form of modern slavery and human trafficking. We understand the importance of upholding human rights and ensuring the well-being of all individuals associated with our business. This statement, prepared in accordance with Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, outlines the steps we have taken during the financial year [Year] to mitigate the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking in our business and supply chains.

  • Organisation Structure and Business Operations

Employmate Limited is a nurse recruitment agency located in the United Kingdom. We specialize in recruiting qualified nursing professionals from India and other countries for placement within the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). Our services include sourcing, screening, and placing skilled nurses within healthcare institutions.

  • Policies and Procedures

Employmate Limited has implemented various policies and procedures that reflect our commitment to preventing modern slavery and human trafficking, including:

a) Code of Conduct: Our Code of Conduct establishes the ethical standards and business practices that we expect all employees and associated parties to adhere to. It explicitly prohibits any form of exploitation, forced labour, or human trafficking.

b) Supplier Code of Conduct: Our Supplier Code of Conduct outlines our expectations regarding ethical business practices and social responsibility for all suppliers and subcontractors. It mandates that all suppliers adhere to international human rights standards and labour laws.

c) Whistleblower Policy: Our Whistleblower Policy encourages employees and associated parties to report any concerns or suspicions of illegal or unethical activities, including potential instances of modern slavery or human trafficking, without fear of retaliation.

  • Due Diligence

Employmate Limited conducts comprehensive due diligence on all suppliers, subcontractors, and business partners to assess their compliance with our standards for ethical and socially responsible business practices. We evaluate potential risks related to modern slavery and human trafficking and prioritize working with entities that share our commitment to preventing exploitation.

  • Risk Assessment and Management

We regularly assess and monitor potential risks related to modern slavery and human trafficking within our operations and supply chains. Our risk assessment process considers factors such as geographic location, industry sector, and the nature of the business relationship. We implement targeted measures to mitigate identified risks and ensure ongoing monitoring.

  • Training and Awareness

Employmate Limited provides training and awareness programs for our employees and associated parties on the importance of preventing modern slavery and human trafficking. We aim to equip our staff with the knowledge and skills to identify potential risks and take appropriate action.


Employmate Limited is fully committed to upholding human rights and preventing modern slavery and human trafficking. We will continue to assess and enhance our policies, procedures, and practices to mitigate potential risks and promote ethical business conduct.

Beena Uthayakumar, Director, Employmate Limited, April 2024