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We're a recruitment agency for multiple countries
Our core service involves identifying, vetting, and supplying highly skilled professionals to meet the staffing requirements of our clients. Based out of United Kingdom, we are more than a decade old company.

Whether you are an employer in need of talented personnel, or a job seeker looking for new opportunities in your target industry, Employmate Limited is committed to providing a comprehensive and seamless solution.

Beena Kumar – Founder & Director at Employmate Limited

Services We Offer

At Employmate Limited, we specialise in providing comprehensive recruitment services tailored to the healthcare sector. Our agency excels in recruiting highly skilled nurses and doctors for the UK NHS and elsewhere, leveraging our extensive network and expertise in international hiring.
We recruit qualified nurses from India and other countries for placement within the UK NHS and elsewhere, ensuring a smooth transition and support throughout the process.
Doctor Recruitment
We are expanding our recruitment efforts to include doctors for the UK NHS, matching talented medical professionals with rewarding opportunities.
Dentist Recruitment
Employmate Limited assists in the placement of dentists seeking opportunities within the UK NHS and other international healthcare organisations.
Allied Medical Staff
We also specialise in recruiting allied medical professionals such as lab technicians, radiographers, and other specialists to meet the diverse staffing needs of healthcare facilities.
Our institute in Malaysia offers language proficiency courses, including OET, IELTS, NCLEX and PTE preparation, for healthcare and other professionals with essential language skills.
Upskilling program
We have a comprehensive Upskilling program for nurses who want to go work especially in the USA Healthcare Sector.
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