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 At Employmate Limited, we’re dedicated and devoted to assisting our clients, particularly in fulfilling their need for qualified tech savvy talent. We pride ourselves on our rigorous recruitment process and have an extensive talent pool of dedicated IT professionals. We ensure a perfect alignment with our client’s specific needs.  Contact us with you CV if you are a job seeking or send your requirements for your recruiting needs if you are an employer.  

We offer a seamless solution to your IT staffing requirements. 


What we do 

Employmate Limited operates as a recruitment agency for Various sectors. Our core service involves identifying, vetting, and supplying highly skilled professionals to meet the staffing requirements of our clients. We utilise a rigorous recruitment process to ensure that each candidate we propose is a perfect match for the specific needs of the businesses we serve. 

We also provide support to job seekers in the IT industry, assisting them in their job search by matching their skills, experience, and career goals with appropriate vacancies in our client businesses. 

Whether you are an employer in need of talented personnel, or a job seeker looking for new opportunities in your target industry, Employmate Limited is committed to providing comprehensive and seamless solutions. 


Our Vision 

The vision of Employmate Limited is to become a global brand in recruitment, creating ways to efficiently provide solutions for companies that need professionals. We aspire to be a trusted partner for organisations and job seekers alike, offering innovative, seamless, and efficient staffing solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the industry. We envision a future where the right talent is never out of reach, and where every IT professional finds their perfect professional match. 


At Employmate Limited, our procurement process for both IT and nursing professionals is driven by a nuanced understanding of the industries we serve.

We meticulously vet nursing candidates from India and elsewhere, considering their skills, qualifications and fit within the NHS, ensuring that we only bring the highest calibre professionals into the healthcare system.

Simultaneously, we navigate the IT sector with similar rigour, understanding the unique demands of this dynamic industry and connecting it with adept professionals, resulting in synergistic matches that drive both personal growth and industry progression.

Our Process

At Employmate Limited, we simplify the staffing and foster long-lasting partnerships with our clients and partners in every sector we work.

Working for the healthcare sector, we strive to reduce workloads in healthcare organisations by providing sustainable staffing solutions, reducing vacancy rates, and facilitating cost-effective, high-quality patient care.

Through our dedicated teams, we aim to become the leading force in integrating multi-disciplinary healthcare professionals, ultimately contributing to a safer and more efficient healthcare system.

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