Recruitment for Nurses to UK!

Dear Nurses, We are actively recruiting for UK presently.
We understand that you have achieved atleast a year of experience in your job after completing Bsc in Nursing or GNM.
An excellent Salary structure is in place for the very best. We understand that you may apply to us from all around the world with an expectation for a speedy response. Please have some patience as we usually run at capacity.

Our Statistics

Nurses are applying incorrectly! Watch Out!
Months, is the time taken for a process to complete.
Is the amount of cost that is usually refunded to the Nurses upon securing the Job in UK.

Why Employmate Limited?

We emphasise on employee welfare
The nurses who apply through us, have a much better personal relationship with us. They are like family to us. This is not just a business venture for us.
We focus on efficiency
We have over a decade of experience in the recruitment industry. Due to this reason, we have learnt a lot of steps to ensure that our nurses do not have to gain stress while they are undergoing the recruitment process.
We help during the Onboarding
We are always here to assist with all the steps from clearing health check to securing a good place to stay in UK after the initial days are over.
We work with you 24x7
We diligently follow a process where all the employees are at par with the others and nobody is lagging behind. The recruitment process is lengthy so doing things on time by each and everyone helps make it as quick as possible.
You can trust us.

Recruitment Insights

Our extensive practice in Recruitment has helped us understand a lot about the difficulties a person can face while applying.
Your application process is going to be nice and easy.
Total number of Employees

Tools of the Trade

We've worked with many technologies and social media platforms to gain valuable experience over the years. No matter how many technologies come and go, its the word of mouth, the faith of our employees, that has helped us excel!

Experience & Income

While the salary starts from around 22k Per Year, we can assure you that with time and experience, you will continue to make progress in the income & other benefits! There are multiple options to bring home more every month, you will learn about them once you start work. There are a lot of opportunities for everyone.

Let's make it

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